cleaning crew broke my tenant's personal property

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Hi everyone,

I am getting ready to sell my rental property. Yesterday was listing day. So I got 2 contractors and the cleaning crew to fix up the place. My tenant told me this morning that two items were broken: a foot scrub, and an "All Star Teacher"award given to her by her students.

I am not sure what to do here. I think it was the cleaning that most likely broken the items, because I don't think the contractors were supposed to go anywhere near those two items for the job.

Please let me know what you guys would do in this case. Should I offer to just pay her something? Fix those items for her?



You should fix or replace the items. I am sure you hire someone who was licensed or insured if not they could sue you.

Joe Gore

Agree with @Joe Gore

agree with previous 2

a foot scrub. . really? go to the award shop down the street and replace it. I doubt it will be more than $60 for a silly award

@George P. You'd be surprised how far some families will take it on a small item like that. Hopefully whoever cleaned the place is insured so they can deal with it.

I am thinking for the award reporting it was probably more about her feeling bad it was broke. I am not sure you can do anything to "replace " it. you should report to the cleaning company and see if any repair can be made. You were having the apartment cleaned while the tenant lived there? Was it that bad?

Having worked in the customer service department for both a large outdoor sporting goods retailer and the patient relations department of a major medical center and hospital, I've learned this....

Good customer service requires listening to the customer, responding with kind understanding, finding out what they would like to have happen, and then negotiating for a solution.

Once you take responsibility, apologize for the mishap and ask the tenant what they would like you to do. Surprisingly, most customers (this applies to tenants too as they are your customer) will come up with a solution for compensation which is less than what you would think. I always start there.

She may want the objects repaired or replaced. Then again, she may be satisfied with a sincere apology. If an apology is all she wants, then do so and followup with a card or small gift.

Since you don't know who actually did the damage, I suggest you cover the cost yourself. Let the contractors and cleaning crew know what happened; they may fess up. If the expense to you is great, then work with them to cover the expense.

You have to do the right thing and replace/fix the item. Then fight with the cleaning companies insurance/withhold payment until a resolution.

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