Night Tenders - maintenance call center

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Anyone ever use this service or anything similar? I wonder if it could be worth it for when I am away on vacation or as a supplemental property manager. Thoughts?

Yes and they are great. The owner used to run a PM company. The greatest benefit was one I didn't even plan on, they go through a process on the phone to determine if the issue is an actual emergency, and walkthrough basic diagnosis with tenant. This reduces unnecessary service calls for items like a flipped breakers, reset buttons, etc. And when it is an actual issue the details for the vendor are much better. You get very detailed documentation of calls and action taken.

We have been with them for over 2 years. 1200+ units. Hope that helps.

My policy is fire, flood, or blood call 911 everything else can wait until business hours. My phone is off when I'm in bed and it goes to voicemail otherwise after hours.

I'm sure there is a place in the market for them but with 22 units I probably get less than 3 calls a month after hours and most get returned the next day. I tell tenants, even if you get me, I probably can't solve your problem until the next day anyway. Even if I could get a service person there they most likely wouldn't have the part to fix it and it wouldn't be available until the parts house opened. Might think different if I had 1200+ units.

The biggest issue with them is that they cost about 4x their nearest competitor and they don't do troubleshooting of the maintenance issues with experts. It means you may end up with a late night dispatch of a contractor when your tenant should have tried turning water shut off valves first. 

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