Tenant passed away/passing away

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I have seen alot of things in my years but have not had this one till now. Rumor is tenant has passed. Mother came by and had her key and was driving her car. Took most of her valuables and said "she is in icu close to death, most likely will not make it." She is behind on rent now and not responding. Very nice lady but always very ill. Any thoughts on best way to proceed? this is in an apartment complex i manage currently.

This happened to me 2 summers ago. Read your local laws and your state tenant laws. Payments like security deposits may be part of the estate.

Until they're dead they're not dead. My wife's grandmother was on her "deathbed" at least 3 times before she finally passed. My sister in laws grandfather has been dying for 3 years and finally passed. Modern medicine is amazing prolonging life.

yes truly amazing and i truly like the tenant and want to help all i can but i can only hold a unit vacant so long before i have to evict and hate the thought of evicting her in her current state. my thought was to move her things into storage and hold it for a while (indefinitely), we have other units in the complex always opening up i would be happy to give to her if/when she is recovered. not sure the legality but morally it seems this would be the best thing to do for her and I know she would appreciate the care/thought.

If she passes with a Will contact the executor, you can find them through probate court. If she passes intestate without a Will, contact your county administrator. You'll make your claim to the estate. Hold on to deposits until you can return the money to the estate administrator. I believe OK is the same as MO. If you're unfamiliar with the process your attorney can collect and the estate can pay his fee if costs of collection are included in your lease.

At least she won't pass in the unit! :)

Well there wont be any estate, she does not really have anything but medical bills and the small apartment she leased from us.

Already had a tenant hang himself in another unit so been there, fortunatly it went over fairly smoothly all things considered.

Carefully bring up the topic with her mother. Be willing to handle her belongings into storage, maybe pay a month or two then have the mother be responsible. You may want to give it some time.

no luck with mom, we tried to get her phone number and she would not give it to us and was not interested in talking. sad but she seemed more concerned in getting anything of value from the apartment.

Your idea is good...just be sure it won't get you in trouble.Could you treat the unit as abandoned and do whatever procedure is required for that?

I am leaning that way and anyway she is on the 3rd floor and we have a few 1st floor coming up that if/when she recovers i think would be easier for her to access.

If we have only one adult living in a unit, we add this clause to the agreement:

In the event of abandonment, arrest or death, the following person has the authority to decide when to terminate tenancy and how to store/distribute my belongings:

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone #: ____________________________________________________

It gives us someone else to talk to, in addition to working the fastest option to get the unit back in our possession. It can help cut through some drama, or stir it up if you want to get someone to contact you. We tell that person that we are taking the unit back on xx/xx, but if they can work the issue to get faster resolution it will cost the tenant less money. The tenant chose someone they trusted at move in.

yes lots of folks are doing that here as well. I need to add that.

Crazy thing happened, she called me yesterday, just got out of the hospital. cirrhosis of the liver, said she almost died. Her mother took her keys, rent money and medication from her apartment without her permission. I believe her as she has had lots of issues with family. Feel very badly for her but she said "i'm a figheter, I am going to make it." Just glad she is ok for now.

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