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This is kind of a silly question but:

Is it considered rude/nosy to tell your landlord you think they should charge more in rent for their next tenants?

We live in downtown Blacksburg (Virginia) which is a college town, and as such commands fairly high rental rates and high turnover. Being an (ex) real estate agent I spent a lot of time searching the area for a rental and visited quite a few places before deciding on this one.

We are moving soon (for job reasons) and I want to tell my landlord that he really should be charging more for the rent based on the market (even if he didn't want to rent to college students) but I don't want to insult him.

So, should I just let it go or should I let him know?

I think let him know and give him comparables; if it was me in his place, I would thank you.

@Account Closed ...It would be ok to let him know, that others rent slightly higher. No gain or lost for you, just information.

What he charges is up to him. However, I don't think it would be rude to say I think you could get more for this rental. You could share at some point during the move out process that you have enjoyed living there and the amenities while pointing out the difference in other apartments you looked at or your friends occupy. Use that as an opportunity to state that in your opinion he could charge x for the rental. I would steer clear of suggesting that he should charge more it may be his strategy to have lots of potential renters. Telling people what they should do is often looked at as rude but suggesting there is more value then he sees is something he can take or leave.

Hi Eliza,

I think it's great that you care for you landlord and want him to get the rent that the property deserves. If it were me I would send him an email and leave it at that.

Pay it forward

why? Why do u care? are u his agent?

Why not ? If I was the Landlord I appreciate you letting me know and maybe it opens my eyes of something I didn't realize.

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