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Good afternoon all,

I have a tenant that is moving out on may 31st which is the final day of the lease agreement. This is my first moveout as I am a new landlord. The tenant has requested the final walkthrough today 3/26,to be done on the 31st of this month. they have notified me that they will be completly moved out on the 31st. As far as a walk through in the state of california, am i required to give a final walk throug? also,could anyone give me the rundown on what I should be doing as far as this walk through goes? If possibel, is there some step by step reading material or website I could read over before the walk through?

Give the final walk through on the 31st, and you should of had a pre-rental walkthrough. The post-rental walkthrough is to show eligibility of returning their security deposit. You are just looking to see if the rental is in a similar order as it was when they entered into the lease.

I believe they have a walk through document at staples you can purchase, but try google first.

In regards to repairs, am I required to tell the tenant what the cost will be that day?

Did you already have them sign the form informing them of the right to a pre move out inspection? You can get that form at some CA Assoc of Realtors offices, and probably on Dennis Block's site ( I have no association with either of those.

At the walk through, you should be looking for items that are more than normal wear and tear (broken items, dirty items, holes in walls, etc.). You are not expected to move furniture or give a cost to fix the items, only identify items that would result in you deducting from their deposit.

Hi Kimberly,

I did not but that is something i will do first thing in the morning.

It is very important, and there is certain info that has to be on the form, or they can sue you for their entire deposit (if they know the law, which is frankly unlikely, but why take that chance?). Do some research on the form to make sure you use a solid version. Also, read the CA landlord tenant law handbook on the Dept of Consumer Affairs site to make sure you follow all the laws.

I just looked on Dennis Block's site, he does not appear to have that form. I am sure you can google "ca right to pre move out inspection form" if you cannot get one from a CAR office. Just read the handbook on the DCA site to make sure you follow the law and your form has all required info.

thanks for your help Kimberly

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