things to check before renting out a newly purchased home

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Assume you just bought an older house that was in need of repair. You fix all the obvious stuff (HVAC, cosmetic, leaking plumbing etc). What kind of extra things do you normally check to help ensure no maintenance calls right of the bat? There seems to always be that stuff you don't notice until some one is living in there every day.

For example, while I am at the house, before its rented, I run all the sinks, tubs, showers, and flush the toilet with toilet paper a bunch. My hope is that I can test the sink drain lines to make sure they aren't leaking & check sewer lines to make sure they are draining well. But recently I found out afterwards that the drain line to the clothes washer has been clogged. That is one that I didn't check.

Due to that, I'm adding getting the house snaked and maybe scoped prior.

anything else that more seasoned investors have learned along the way to find issues that are not easily noticeable?

Older houses check the electric outlets - is polarity correct and take out dead phone connections. Oh if you already have a fridge with that darn ice maker consider putting in the lease that you won't repair/replace it when it breaks.

Good point, one thing I've learned (the hard way) was to notice 3 prong plugs in old houses. Usually they get added improperly and have no ground.

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