Inspection Time!

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I have had renters in my duplex for 3 months now. I told them I would inspect every 3 months. I want to send them a list of what they should expect me to inspect. What are some of the things you all look for in your inspections? Also, I would like to instruct them to repair any damages before I inspect, is that OK?

Every three months sounds like a good goal, but I'd want to be somewhat spontaneous about my 'inspections'. I would not call them an inspection either, but I'd make an excuse to be there to check on something. Let them know you'll want to look around while you're there.

I would not ask for repairs to be made prior to. I'd want to see what's happening and how tenants are treating the property and your rules.

Check things like:

- Is it clean or will you have a bug/vermin problem?

- Is the bathroom being cared for? Standing water on the floor?

- How many pets/tenants are there really?

- Any hazards? Dryer lint? Changed filters, etc.

Hey @Dennis Nemitz,

I applaud you for your diligence in protecting your investment. @Rick Bagenstoss brings up such a good point in that the word "inspection" denotes a very planned visit, one that your tenants can prepare for.

It's a good thing to show the tenants that they are accountable to someone, but I think you'll earn your stripes more longer term tenants if you show the them that you are there to provide value to them, to make sure that their living facility is up to par; "quality checks" rather than "inspections," even if you show up at random intervals.

I think everyone would agree that you're on sturdy legal ground inspecting every three months, as most landlords include the right to inspect at will in their lease. I'd follow the general rule of thumb that inspections should occur at times when tenants do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy, as in typical business hours.

Setting an exact time frame and asking them to repair before the scheduled checks may prove to be a recipe for cheap cover-up repairs and well rehearsed answers to walk-through inspection questions. If you really want to know what how the tenants treat your property, inspect it on a Saturday morning at 9 a.m., when they're letting it all hang out, perhaps sleeping in after an all night romp. You might see who is really inhabiting your property, extended stay guests, pets, vermin, dust bunnies, and all!

Best of luck-- It sounds like you really do care about your property, and it'll pay off over the long haul,

Mike Gennaro

[email protected]

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Yeah this sounds a little over the top. I would just check semi annually and maybe change the air filter. This gives you a reason to come and casually look around. I don't really see a need to thoroughly inspect the property every three months.