Increase deposit for smokers?

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We just got done turning around an apartment vacated by a heavy smoker. We had to wash (to get rid of the tar) and paint the whole apartment and use an ozone machine to help get rid of the smoke smell among other things (new blinds). I'm taking most if not all of his deposit but I had a question.

I would like to go smoke free but I don't think it can work in my area (even my caretakers are heavy smokers.

Has anyone charged smokers a higher deposit? That would help cover the higher cleanup costs. Any problems with doing this?


I wouldnt be surprised if that wasnt allowed (you can go ahead and check with your attorney). It also might be tacit permissiom for them to smoke indoors whereas all you really want them to do is go outside.

I've never tried a bigger deposit but I feel like you in that if I didn't rent to smokers I would hardly ever have any tenants!

I am a smoker but I smoke outside. I tell my tenants that smoking is not allowed inside the property and cigarette butts need to be disposed of properly. I expain that the reason is that smoking indoors will cost them a lot of money. New carpet and a wiping of every surface. New paint, everywhere paint is. Fixtures and trim can be extremely costly. So I say just suck it up and smoke outside like I do.

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