Termite help!

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I have a house I purchased 18 months ago. It was inspected and cleared of any termites. I haven't had it inspected since. I've had 2 termite inspectors come and look over the house. They each told me the house is too low to the ground. (Less than a foot, too small for a person to come close to getting under the house). So they weren't able to spray for termites. I'm very nervous about the potential disaster that can happen. I need the house sprayed soon.

What do I do to resolve this?

Who do I call to handle this?

How much will it cost?

tent it?

why they did not drill small polite holes and teat the area ?pull the base boards back drill holes install them backhand treat it don't under stand that oneTey can also treat the seal on the out side also the foundation.If you have vents put steamer in alot more I can think of so not sure what they told you that. make sure you call a old termite inspector that has did this for years and on the phone tell him what the problem is .

is this standard practice in Louisiana to spray for subterranean termites?

So you have a crawl space but very limited and they spray where? Do they treat the soil below? Or the underside of your house?

Tenting is for drywood termite treatment, not subterranean, is there ant visible signs of termite infestation that prompted you to get two inspectors out?

@Justin Calmes it sounds to me like you are just really afraid of termites? That's a legitimate concern here in LA, but you can minimize your risk. The house needs to be elevated. That's not all that difficult if it's a house on piers and it's not a huge 2,000sq ft + and there aren't any concrete slab additions that are attached?

I would get estimates from house moving/leveling contractors to see what it would cost to have the house elevated on 18" piers or what they might recommend to give better clearance for the crawlspace. Then I would get inspection, treatment and a long term contract for termite prevention.

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