Accept or Deny this tenant?

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I have a tenant with good salary and good credit....BUT it has a two entries on the "criminal record search" that he cannot explain. I have the case numbers. Can I get more details on what happened from a case #? Should I even give a chance to this tenant?

Your background search didn't pull up any convictions?

If it didn't I say rent to him.

Does the tenant have a common name? It's not unheard of for records to be attached to the wrong person. I wouldn't be surprised if the enforcement agency corrected his record but this still shows up in some manner. The first entry may be an arrest and the second may be a correction. Just spitballing here...

But to answer your question, you may be able to get a brief public record of any arrest through the sheriff's office with a case number. In my county it's actually available through a website. However the info is very brief and often cryptic. (e.g. Pos W Int Dist)

why coudn't he explain? he might have the case of the "rental app amnesia", very common occurence. not cure as of yet.

He "can't" or "won't" give you details. Those are two entirely two different things. If he won't give you any explanation as to what the charges are, chances are he is not truthful in other areas as well.

They could have been DUIs, does this make him a bad tenant, not necessarily but he could get fired tomorrow for wrecking his company car and refusing a breathalyzer on the scene. Then, you have an unemployed tenant, no rent ... have fun with that.

They could have been domestic disputes and the wife is now gone, but what if a girlfriend moves in (with or without your permission). What if he's arrested again? Who is going to pay rent.

I would press him for details. If he will not offer them, then get the records from the sheriff's office. If they are in Sheriff Short-hand, I'm sure they will read the report for you. Ask the sheriff if you should rent to the guy.

I, personally would pass on this one unless your property has been vacant for a long time and he is your only option. Still, would probably pass.

Janne Z

i had one like that... the guy was making 6k per month and explained one conviction up front (fight as a teen). we were ok with that.

then the report showed 1 or two more domestic violence. we asked him to explain and he said, 'no, i am done with this crap".

we thanked him for stopping by.

Criminal records should be matched for both name and date of birth, since there will not be any SSN to see typically. My policy says if both match, then we assume it is the applicant.

Are these arrests or convictions? Does your policy distinguish these? Pull the cases to see the details

In Google if you search the name with the city and word mugshot, it will often bring up newspaper blurbs.

If it tells you the county, go to the counties website and see what you can find out. Are they felonies, misdimeanors, or traffic violations? And how long ago matters to me.

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