Tenant screening

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Can anyone recommend a tenant screening service? I only have a need to check 2 or 3 prospective tenants a year so I'm looking for somewhere I don't have to subscribe to. A quick phone call or e-mail with my prospective tenants information, give them my credit card number and get quick result.

National Tenant Network:


They don't charge any annual fee for membership, although they do ask for a small amount of information (just enough for them to know where to send your bills).

It's a pretty nice service; they have different kinds of screening that you can do (credit check, criminal background checks are usually what I look at) for different prices. Plus they will do searches on the person nationally instead of just checking your state's records.

Last but not least: the customer service is good. In one instance I had a potential renter that was from out-of-country (husband was bringing his new German bride into the country). I called up NTN to find out what they could do for me and I had an answer within an hour. Granted, they couldn't give me a LOT of information, but they were quick to respond to my problem.

I use http://www.landlord2landlord.com/ They're reasably priced; I can get a credit report for about $12.00, a little more to search eviction records and courthouse records. The turnaround time is just about instantaneous for online reports, and they do offer telephone verification of landlord and employment references if you're willing to pay a little more for it.

I prefer to make my own calls . . .