Landlord Key Management

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Just wrote an article on my website on how to reduce the number of keys we keep as landlords and how to get them organized. Some of the key chains I see landlords with are absurd!

Check out the article

Great tips! I remember closing on my triplex several years ago. The seller plunked down a one pound size coffee can FULL of keys and said "here's the keys. I'm not sure what goes to what......"

Nice article, I have to say though that one of the problems I had with the smartkeys is jamming. It happened on my own home that the key one day just wouldn't open the door. No one had changed the locks it just seemed to have reset itself and the key would not work. We were able to fix it but I was not keen to put them on a multi because of that issue. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.

I have SFRs and duplexes so I went to a locksmith and had them create a master key system. I have 5 different keys that I rotate through the properties and I have 1 master key that works for everything. I was even able to create basement locks for the duplexes that will work for both keys and my master. When someone moves out I will put in a new lockset and keep that one for the next place. I think it's $30 for the deadbolt plus $8 re-key fee. Then I ***HIGHLY RECOMMEND*** buying what they call passage knobs instead of locking handles-tenants can't lock themselves out that way. The locksmith was telling me a story of an apartment complex that was having lots of break ins. The locksmith suggested changing from locking knobs to non-locking knobs and magically, the break ins stopped completely. If you needed let back in, there was a fee. If there was a "break in", the apt complex had to fix things for "free".

Thank you. I have not had any problems with jamming and have been using them for over 2 years. I use the Tylo model or Juno(?). The Juno is better quality but costs a little more.

Lol about the coffee can of keys, that is what I am talking about.

Master Key system is good but can be expensive to set up and may require the help of a locksmith. The Smartkey locks I can do everything myself.

@Daniel H. check out landlord locks dot com. I have not interest there but have used them for years. Very good product and service. You only change the cylinder and it's cheaper and easier. You have a master key system so as the owner you only have ONE key. They can also key the system as entry keys so tenants only have one key. Each unit is keyed different but the same unit keys open the common door. It is much quicker then changing the whole thing as well.

My exterior doors only have deadbolts. The knobs are passage knobs (no lock), so the tenant can not lock themselves out.

Interesting. Thanks for the write-up!

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