Need Advice- starting property management

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So I have been thinking about working as a property manager a ways down the road. My question is, for a college student what job should I look for that will put me on that career path? Leasing agent or assistant? Part time assistant property manager(not sure if I would be able to do this in college)? How did you guys get into professional property management? Thank you for the advice.

@James Cheatham i learned a lot about PM while i was managing college apartments. not only did they pay me (not a lot) but my housing was included…a big bonus as a student.

i'd suggest calling around to the apt complexes near campus and inquire about any jobs they have. any position would give you a vantage point. also, i was also an RA as an undergrad … never knew it at the time, but what i learned in that position really helps me out with the people side of property management.

Also make sure you check into if their are any licensing requirements. I'm guessing Texas is much more reasonable than Michigan, where you need to be a licensed realtor and have had your license for a certain number of years before you can manage property.

Good luck to you! A good property manager who actually looks out for the owners profit, etc is worth his/her weight in GOLD!

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