Tenant threatened neighbor with a weapon, now what?

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I received a call a couple of days ago from a neighbor next to my single family unit. The neighbor explained that he has been having issues with the tenant parking in front of his mail box and preventing the mail from being delivered. He's talked to the tenant about the issue to no avail. Recently the neighbor was trying move a vehicle off of his property but the tenant had a vehicle blocking path. The neighbor asked the tenant to move it and the tenant threatened the man with a firearm telling him to get off his property. The neighbor called the police and then contacted me (as I had previously given him my card).

I thanked him for calling me and apologized for the tenant's behavior (the neighbor actually asked me at the end of the conversation if I did property management professionally as he and his wife will be moving in the next year). The tenant has only been in the property since February on a year lease and pays rent on time however he is in the process of getting chaptered out of the military and has discussed possibly moving out. I would prefer him to move out as he will most likely not be able to pay rent once he is seprated from the military and due to this behavior. What should I do?

This is definitely more of a police issue, but you also definitely want someone like that out of your building. In some states, you can get a highly expedited eviction if the tenant does something extreme (like threatening other tenants with a weapon), but I wouldn't be able to help you with the details. I would highly recommend you contact your attorney and ask for their advice.

Follow up with the police, if he's charged you should have that covered in your lease. I would also inform his commander. His weapon should probably be confiscated by his commander if it wasn't by the police. Sounds like you have mental issues here, going nuts with a weapon is not a good mix.

Approach with extreme caution! :)

Most leases have an "illegal activity" clause that allows you to cancel the lease fast if there was a police report filed. I agree with contacting his commander, a military commander can take action faster than the police.

Good suggestions above, I would also consider taking a small hit now rather than a big one later. Offer a refund of this month's rent and his security deposit back if he moves now and leaves the place in reasonable condition.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I just sifted through the police reports online and didn't find anything. I plan on following up with a phone call to confirm the events. I was also planning on sending a certified letter to the tenant (after I confirm the story with the police) informing the tenant that he has violated his lease (the criminal activity portion and nuisance portion).

The person living next door has one version they are telling you. I am sure your tenant has yet another version.

At this point you might want to find the case number and talk to the police person that came out and did the report. Get their take as an outsider looking in on what they think Is happening.

Sounds like your military tenant might have PTSD issues. The key is if your tenant has a valid compliant on any level or is this the tenant having a complete fabrication in their mind of what is going on?? With thoughts they have to be founded and reasoned in reality. Even if not they seem real to the person having them which is the dangerous part. Maybe your tenant was drinking and had firearms around which would be dangerous. Too many things could have been going on. The commander route sounds good as well.

Getting the police report will help you understand what went on and assist you in discussions with your lawyer. If he has mentioned moving how much time is left on his lease and what reception did you give him when he mentioned moving out.? If you did not respond positively to him moving I would touch base with him again to give him the message that you would be okay with a move (providing you would be). I would want someone like this out but that is me.

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