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Hi all,
I have an issue with a neighbor of one of our tenants. He has butted heads with our tenants ever since they moved in a couple of months ago. He has called the cops on them twice. He has accused them of convincing his tennant (he owns the duplex next door) to move out by telling them bad things about him. The police confirmed that they moved because of a job opportunity.

The tenants are not the issue. They are good people and have tried everything to difuse the situation. Now he has filed a lawsuit with the city for tresspassing! The only thing the tenants can think of is that they accidentally mowed over the line a few days ago.

Should I step in and get involved in this? I don't want him to cause them to move. If he does, is there anything legally that I can do if he does?


Peoria, IL

When you're dealing with the lower class, all this drama is the norm. I am certainly including the owner of the duplex in this lower class nonsense because he is living in the duplex. Successful investors are not living with their tenants (I know I'm certainly NOT)! It's often more like dealing with a bunch of 3rd graders than adults. Of course, this silly behavior is largely why these people are renters.

You can get involved if you like, but that probably isn't going to help. The duplex owner sounds like a FREAK and freaks are difficult to deal with. His silly trespassing suit isn't going anywhere unless your tenants intentionally did something illegal. If you get involved, he may sue you also. Sometimes, there simply isn't a good solution.

Maybe you could buy the duplex.


Originally posted by "MikeOH":

Maybe you could buy the duplex.


I like this idea. Eliminate the problem by moving them along.


John Corey

I would love to buy it but he would never sell. It is directly across the street from his parents house (where he goes for dinner every night). He's not the brightest fellow; he was a tenant in the duplex for 20 years before buying it a couple of years ago.

You might check with some of the other neighbors to see if he's done this kind of thing before, and if he has, is it escalating. I can remember a neighbor from when I was a teenager, who began acting like that. He accused neighborhood kids of breaking into his garage and stealing his tire gauges (of all things :roll: ). As time went on, he accused other neighbors of tresspassing, theft, and various other "crimes". He eventually got arrested and committed by his wife when he started shooting arrows into his own house.

If the neighbor of your tenant sounds like he's getting increasingly paranoid, it might be worthwhile to drop a line to the local mental health officials (or have your tenants do so). Even if they can't do anything right now, putting them on notice of a potential problem might make it easier for them to do something if he does go more buggy.

Just a thought.


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