Using Twitter to Screen Tenants

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I have Googled and researched prospective tenants on Facebook before, but I wanted to share how you can use Twitter as well.

Not everyone will use their actual names on twitter, but if they have emailed you, at least in a Google account, and you have Twitter search your Gmail contacts for suggestions of who to follow, you should see anyone you've corresponded with and their twitter account. Without following, you can simply click on their username and view their profile. I just recently created a business Twitter account (to let prospective tenants know when it will be ready to view) and I have scanned a few profiles of some of the people interested in renting from us. It is very interesting so far!

very good tip @Angie B. ! I have ex-tenant added me on FB. It's kinda odd but oh well...

thats a real good idea it let you know how they are...the real them.

It's also good to check people out this way to make sure they are actually a real person -- especially if you use Craigslist to advertise. Saves time from dealing with the scammers, which are more rampant than ever.

@Angie B. I think that is a great idea! Seeing how people display themselves to the general public can definitely give you a good idea of their attitude, views, and maturity. We usually screen our tenants on Facebook and it definitely has weeded some bad eggs out!

Just wanted to share an article I ran across about searching for someone by their email address. Some great tips here!

Thanks that was a great tip, I also check out tenants on Linkedin here to make sure their profile is legit.

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