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Can anyone recommend a good HVAC contractor in Cincinnati. I just got a quote, it wasn't horrible but I still think its high. Looking for any help, I like to work with licensed people so I can be sure they provide quality work. Thanks!

Quote came in as follows.

I propose to furnish and install one (1) Gibson, 2 ½ -ton, air conditioning unit with

30,000 B.T.U.’s of cooling capacity. This air conditioner will run on environmentally friendly 410A freon.

I found it online~$800 + I am thinking worse case scenario 8 man hours to install at $100/hour + $200 to charge the system. Quote was for 4100, I'm thinking it should be 2k max Am i missing something? I've had furnace and ac put in for 4200 but my old HVAC guy isn't doing work anymore and he suggested this guy. Not impressed so far.

@Chad Meyer

Just the condensing unit? Or line set and a-coil as well?

If just the condensing unit you should be able to get a decent 2.5 Ton unit for $1,500 installed. For line set...$300 give or take depending on the run. For a-coil you could add another $500. It does depend on the type of unit however a good investor friendly HVAC contractor should be able to provide you those prices.

Try Corcorn and Harnist...one of my good friend's family owns the place and although they do a lot of retail residential I think their prices are good.

I'll Check them out. Thanks!

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