When to put out the rent sign

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I am currently building a new house which is about 2.5 months from being complete. Which means in about 2.5 months we will finally have our first rental property. Obviously we are still living in our townhome until the new house is complete. My question is this, when would be a good time to put out the For Rent sign. Would it be possible to put it while I am currently living there and let potential renters know that it will not be available until July. My thoughts are that I would like to have someone move in fairly soon after I move out, I would prefer to not have it sit vacant too long after I move.

I have my contracts all prepared, I am slowly taking care of all the small things that need to be fixed and taken care of before I can rent it out.

What are your thoughts, is it weird to still be living there while I am looking for potential renters?


I would definitely put it up before you move out, maybe a few weeks before or a month. But there aren't very many tenants who start looking for a new place 2.5 months before moving, so you'll probably just have to deal with a bunch of inquiries and pointless hassle that goes nowhere if you do it now. Now if you have other rentals you could pass them off too, that might be a different story.

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