Tiny third bedroom

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Hi folks,

I've been looking at a 3br/1ba townhouse nearby, and have a concern about that 3rd bedroom. It's just big enough to be legally a bedroom, so TINY.

My question is to those with these 'barely legal' bedrooms, if potential tenants ever take issue with it and you have trouble filling vacancies listing it as a 3br. In my area there does seem to be a strong discrepancy in 2br vs 3br rent prices (about $200 a month). It's also somewhat unusual in that most row houses around have slightly bigger, more usable third bedrooms.

Do you think this will be an issue?


If you think it will be, discount the price accordingly and see what happens. Perhaps market it as a 2 bed with a really huge extra closet.


I have a couple units with a small bedroom. I usually market them as an X-1 bed with an office. So in your case, I'd say a 2 BR with an office or den. You may be able to split the difference in rent between a 2 and 3. Don't kid yourself and think that potential tenants will be fine with a tiny 3rd bedroom and pay just as much as another unit with 3 normal sized bedrooms.

How big is Tiny? If it really is not acceptable as a bedroom I agree with marketing it as a office or den. Then let the applicant decide if they want to use it as a bedroom.

Does it have a window bedroom egress and a closet?

It's 6' x 10', which I'm told is the smallest legal size (it's listed as such, though I can't locate the code for my county) though no closet? The typical row house here will have 8'x10' or so (still small, but standard and expected) and has a closet.

Definitely leaning towards 2br with office...

I believe according to IRC a habitable room (such as a bedroom) must be 70sqft and not have a dimension smaller than 7 ft. It also must have a closet and egress point (such a window) to qualify as a bedroom in any evaluation. If you don't have a closet you can't call it a bedroom so the discussion is dead. I'd call it an office or bonus room.....it's definitely too small to be a "den."

Agreed, if it doesn't have a closet, it's definitely not a bedroom. Case closed.

I would market as an office with no closet. People may use it as a bedroom but they walk in knowing the setup and expecting that it is suitable for something/someone small. You can charge more but probably not the 3 bedroom rate. We have a small 3rd bedroom we rent and it is something we always share upfront.

I would market it as 3 bedrooms and see what happens. I have a 1350sqft house that has a 3rd tiny bedroom. I get $50 less than my 1700 sqft house. The two bedrooms go for $200-$250. The key is what do the 3 bedrooms around you look like?

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