When do you start advertising?

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Just curious what other investors do about advertising their SFH rentals. I'm closing on the property this week, and it will need some rehab work done prior to being shown/rented. I'm guessing it will be about 2 weeks before it's ready to go.

Should I go ahead and start running ads now? I don't really want to put the full address out there while the home is vacant, and can't really take interior shots yet...

Also, do you put your pre-qualification requirements (income, etc...) right in the online ad? Or wait until after they make contact? Seems putting it out there up front would save a lot of tire-kickers.

HI Rusty!

I would say do it now so you can test the market demand. If you don't receive any calls, the price could be too high, if the phone is ringing off the hook the price is too low. You can also up sell the ad by letting people know you are upgrading the property and it wont be ready until 2 weeks from now.

If people are truly interested you can send them a rental application before hand. Good luck.

Thanks @Jordan Thibodeau Do you like to put the full address in the ad, or just the general area?? Knowing that the house will still be vacant for the next 2-3 weeks?

Well that's a good question, I invest in duplexes so usually one unit is vacant while the other one is occupied so I don't have to worry about squatters. If you don't trust the area or have anyone to watch over the house, you could advertise the general area.

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