50% rule / Quick Analysis calculator for rental property

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Does anyone have a spreadsheet calculator for a quick analysis on rental & small multi-unit property? It seems like the easiest and fastest way to evaluate an investment property is by the 50% rule. I am still primarily a wholesaler so I am looking for a tool to help me evaluate rental property quickly. Does anyone have a 50% rule calculator that they would not mind sharing? It would be GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks guys!

Hi Martin,

Not sure exactly what you're looking for as far as information to enter but check out the Bigger Pockets calculators to see if they will give you what you're looking for:


I have a good iPhone app but it's not free.

Eric Black

Hey Eric,

Thanks for your reply but I had already looked into that source. I just wanted a simple excel spreadsheet calculator to evaluate rental property quickly around the 50% rule. I was able to create one myself and if anyone else is look for something like this, I am willing to share. Thanks.

Here's a quick 50% rule, %-of-rent, cash flow, and cap rate calculator anyone can use on Google sheets: 


I didn't lock it; anyone can edit it. Please don't change the formulas or it won't work for the next person; download it and use it offline if you want to change/add to it. 

Originally posted by @James Wise :

If your looking to go based on the 50% rule you can quickly do it without any tools.

Monthly rent x6 = Your 50% rule NOI

NOI divided by aquisition cost = cap rate.

James your 50% includes capex so you would not have even a guesstimated NOI.