Do I have to pay the rent?

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I was renting a property and was on month to month lease. More than a month ago, I found a new house to live for my family. So I texted my landlord on the phone, that I will be out of the rental property after 30 days. He agreed. On the 27th day I called my landlord on the phone and told him that I need to stay a month more on the property as there is a delay in the "closing" of my new house. He agreed. On the 29th day, I found out that I have to pay rent to the seller of my new house until my closing is done. In order that I won't get "double dipped" by my landlord and the seller, I called my landlord and told him that I have to move to the new house and I am getting out of the rental house on the previously agreed 30th day. I wonder if the landlord can charge me money for the verbal one month extension, I got from the landlord? Please help

He probably can charge you unless he rents it sooner. Maybe you should help him find a replacement tenant.

Why in the world would you have to pay rent to the seller until closing? Is the delay in closing your fault or the sellers? Are you actually moving in?

Yes, you probably owe your landlord rent. You asked for an extension, he agreed to it. So, you're obligated. Consider the reverse. You and your current landlord agreed upon an extension, then he called and said, "sorry, no deal, get out." You'd be very upset, right?

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