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A thought came to mind, so I started with Google (always my first go-to!). I was looking to see if there was some sort of database, for lack of better words, that had a list of already qualified renters when I came across this "Bad Tenants List" (

I'm curious if anyone has came across this as well and because its membership only you may not view any of the good/bad tenants list so I'm also curious to know what limitations on information may a company hold on a potential renter?

I don't believe you have to get rid of any info on past tenants, but I really don't know about that.

A service like this doesn't seem very useful though because almost no tenants will be on it. There are millions of tenants and only a few thousand would ever get put onto a database like this, even if they did you would only get info from one of their landloards, not a full history of them.

Definitely not a service I'd pay for. I've never heard of it until I opened this discussion, and my guess is an overwhelming majority of others haven't either. The chances of a person applying to my house showing up in that database (good or bad) would be pretty slim.

I personally think that site has a bad business model...

@Phillip Syrios and @Chris K.

I agree with both of you, there is something off about this site. I did happen to poke around again and found to be the disclaimer to be quite useful and comical. Paid forum, lol.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER * Tenancy Bureau / is an online platform that allows landlords to share their opinions and experiences with other landlords.

Looks like the website is no longer available. However, there is RenterInc, which looks like it's legal and gets data from multiple databases, so there are more chances of getting a result on your applicant.

BUT, I think if every single landlord on this site and other sites like it used "one" (index finger raised) site for "bad tenants" and others joined when needed, a database could eventually build up over time.  it may take several years, but could become "the standard" eventually.  if it caught on and became a part of the normal screening process for every landlord to check, then...very useful.  there would need to be a search function that finds people by social security number, so you know you have the right person.  thoughts?

The "bad tenants list" was a HUGE invitation for any attorney looking for a slam dunk case for violation of privacy, libel, etc. 

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