Definition of 'reasonable times'

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I'm located in PA and I understand that the law here doesn't specifically define the term 'reasonable times' regarding entry into a tenant-occupied property (eg, with 24 hours notice to show to prospective tenants or for inspection/non-emergency repairs/maintenance.

I'm interested in how other landlords define this term both in PA and elsewhere where no legal definition exists, and whether anyone has specific guidelines they follow, with specific emphasis on whether you enter during weekend hours if you have a regular 'day job' that's not RE investing.

I think between 9 and 4 pm on Saturday and 1-4 on Sunday is reasonable. Do others agree?

I'd consider those hours more than reasonable. I would have even bumped Sunday back to noon, maybe even 11am.

Twenty-four hours notice (or more, if you can) is customary in this state & many others, even if it's not specifically spelled out. Actual arrival is any time you & the tenant agree on. If they won't/can't commit to a convenient time, let them know when you'll be on the premises. If you do enter while they're not home, you might leave a short note: "I was here from X to X o'clock on (date) for the purpose of (whatever), following our conversation (date/time)." As long as they're paying rent, it's their home & you do need to be respectful of their space & time.

I have dealt with some tenants that do not want to help us and schedule within the 24 hours, so then I enforce it and say "I will be there at 11am if you are there great if not I will be entering" so it ends up being better for them if they work with us.

Our state landlord-tenant laws require 48 hours notice to enter for maintenance and periodic inspections. That is considered reasonable here. However, a tenant can grant us entry earlier. When a tenant wants something done for them or they are the cooperative sort, they usually do allow earlier entry. Most welcome us to come in at whatever time works best for all parties involved, as long as we are respectful, focused on a job at hand and don't abuse our privilege to enter their dwelling.

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