looking to check back grounds

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I wanted to find a cheap reliable service to check the back grounds and possibly the credit score for clients wanting to rent my house. does anyone know of a good service provider

I've used



AAA credit screening services

thanks buddy @wise, yea I've just got my first real bad one and I don't want that to happen again if I can help it

i meant the first real bad ones out the property

Have a look at the BiggerPockets screening service.

There are no guarantees, though.  I've had tenants that screened well bug out owing rent and ones that were a little weak stay over two years with no missed rent.  You do what you can then pick up the pieces and move on when things go sideways.

I just used the service Jon mentioned, and it went very smoothly. I did make the applicants fill out my own application and provide proof of income first so I'd have all their pertinent info (Smartmove doesn't provide personal info to the landlord), then after checking their rental history myself, I had them pay Smartmove directly for the credit/background check so I didn't have to get involved with application fees. I was happy with the results.

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