Anybody deal with a tenant that had a 'clean' record and...

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you had to kick them out?

Just dealt with a tenant that had a clean credit, rental and criminal history that suddenly quit paying rent-I'm talking *squeaky* clean record. He moved in at the end of December last year, payments on time, then at the end of April, we get a shut off notice from the water company (they send us copies of shut off notices-which we are ultimately responsible for). Then we got a late reminder from e-rent, so we make an appointment to go see the tenant. Tenant gives us a bunch of 'reasons', he owed the IRS lots of money, his wife filed for divorce (I guess they were separated), wife wants alimony, he had to hire a lawyer, he's going to just file for bankruptcy, on and on.

We find out he is also sub-leasing a room to another person who refused to give us her name or SSN, even after we told her we were not going to charge more, we just needed her information for insurance and legal reasons, she still refused.

So we give him a week to come up with the rent, he can't so I served an eviction notice (his roomie then starts calling us and yelling at us that she paid him her part of the rent) and he says he can't be out in 3 days. We gave him till the end of the month, when I collected the keys he claims he doesn't have a forwarding address, and said I had to call to turn off the utilities-that's when I find out most were turned off due to non- payment.

The big kicker, the next door neighbor is his brother AND boss.

I'm so upset, we thought we had a good tenant and then we had to deal with so much BS, has anybody else had an experience like that?

Yeah that's happened to us (in a slightly less dramatic way). It's all about variance, as my brother says. You follow the best methods, and most often it will work out, but not always...

@Lisa G. Sorry about your situation

All tenants pay rent right up until they don't. Sounds like you did everything you could do to screen the tenant but these things will happen in this business.

Just roll with the punches and move forward.

Sometimes life happens. Divorces can be an emotional train wreck, and you won't care too much about your rent if you're going through a messy one. Sounds like you did everything reasonable, and most importantly evicted at the right time. It doesn't sound like he damaged the property, so consider yourself lucky.

Sound like the tenant is going through some major life challenges/changes. If tenant can't be out by the date on your pay or quit, move forward with the eviction process or cash for keys.

Regarding the sub tenant paying the actual tenant rent, I believe that may have to be settle between them since you didn't rent the place to the sub tenant.

Thank-you all for your replies. It was my first tenant so I suppose the best way to learn to swim is to be thrown to the sharks straight off the bat!

I'm thankful he left when we told him to, the worst thing I think (besides not mowing the lawn for the 5 months he was there, and leaving piles of garbage) would be this:

a huge industrial sized eye bolt used as the center support for the drapes, not sure if he was hanging iron curtains or what.

@Andrea M. we basically told his 'lady friend'- "I'm sorry, but you did not want to give us your information, there is nothing we can do so that is between you and him" she suddenly wanted to give us her information, and we just said, "Too late, you have to be out by the end of the month"

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