Small Claims Court or Collection Agency for owed rent?

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I need to collect owed back rent from my tenant that did not pay May rent and skipped out on some utilities that we are responsible for, about $2000.

He refused to give me a forwarding address, but I do know where his brother lives (next to the rental), where he works, and where is wife/soon-to-be ex-wife lives.

Has anybody has success with either? Pros/Cons of each? I realize I may have to eat the loss, but I'm researching my options. Thanks.

Turn it over to a collection agency and give them 50% to collect.

Joe Gore

IMHO, if you already know where the guy works, file suit. Small claims is inexpensive no matter where you are. You know where he works so have him served there. You'll likely just end up with a default judgment anyway and because you already have his place of employment, you can then start having his wages garnished. Also look to seize any monies in any bank account too if he gave you bank reference or paid by check.

I agree with Michael. If you can get that judgement, then I'd imagine you could start to garnish his wages, depending on the laws and procedures in your area.

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