Privacy Laws - Release info to investigator?

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Hi all,

A former tenant is being investigated by his former employer for property theft from the company. The employer has an internal investigator who has requested I confirm the tenant's name and contact information to include prior addresses on applications and forwarding addresses and phone numbers.

I certainly want to help, but are there any tenant privacy laws I need to be concerned about? Should I ask for a letter/report from law enforcement supporting the investigator's request? I am in California.



Stay out of it unless or until you get a subpoena. Not to be taken as legal advice of course ...

I wouldn't dream of giving a former employer or private investigator any tenant info without law enforcement requiring it. Why do you want to help? You have no way of no knowing what the case really is and what they are using the information for.  It might not be theft related at all.  Let the employer do their own PI work.  If there is a law enforcement agency involved, they should be contacting you directly.

Appreciate the input.

I want to help in this case because it's the City government, so theft of my taxpayer dollars. Guy was fired and cleaned out the equipment room on his way out the door. I had to evict for nonpayment of rent due to being fired.

Would appreciate any further insight related to the strict legal aspect -- would I be violating any privacy laws by simply confirming the tenant's names and providing their forwarding address?



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