Tenant left the country Permanently

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New one on me.  My tenant of three months decided that she wanted to divorce her husband and move back to the DR.  Phone call last month saying she was leaving and a text on Monday stating she left the key in the mailbox on Sunday.  

Fortunately for me she paid several months in advance, something I rarely allow, but she had just sold a business (verified). Also she left it in pretty good shape it just needs some minor paint touch-ups.  Newly painted and I have the paint. Should look fine.  

Anybody else have a tenant just up and leave the country? 

Unfortunately yes.  In 2009 I had a large tenant base pick up and go back to their country of origin.  Some did so without telling me leaving an empty (and trashed) apartment for me to find.  As landlords we "see it all", lol.

Try to get something in writing from her that says she is voluntarily releasing possession and returning possession to you, with any pre-paid rents remaining with the landlord as consideration for early lease termination.

I can't get the mention to work at all now.  I could previously not by typing in the name, but by typing @? and that would list all of the previous posters in the thread however, that doesn't work now.


She already acknowledged that she was giving up possession voluntarily in the text.  


Yes. Happened to us a few years back. Tenant disappeared suddenly, went back to Ukraine. No notice given to us. He left behind his girlfriend in the apartment and all his stuff except his personal effects and computer. His girlfriend notified us, crying, and said she couldn't pay the rent. We served 3-day notice to pay rent or quit. She left and cleaned the apartment thinking she would get the tenant's security deposit. We proceeded with abandonment procedures to securely terminate the tenancy. Kept all of the deposit for rent due.

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