Recommendation for a good team (boots on the ground) in Cincinnati, OH

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Hi after a couple months of research, I have decided to look at investing in Cincinnati, OH as one of my markets. Who can recommend a good team here:

  1. Real Estate Agent
  2. Property Manager
  3. Licensed and Bonded Contractor that can inspect, install, do repairs (general contractor, pluming, heating/cooling hvac, electrical, locksmith, etc, cleaning, etc)
  4. Insurance Agent

BTW, I am flying to Cincinnati this weekend and will be there Monday 6/23 and would like to meet and talk to you to gain your insight.

Thanks for your feedback in advance.


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   FYI, if you fly to Columbus Ohio or to Indianapolis Indiana on Southwest Airlines from LAX, you can save probably half in airfare as opposed to flying into Cincinnati.

   If you have to rent a car anyway, then you might as well rent it in Columbus or Indianapolis and drive the hour and a half to Cincinnati. Heck, you should probably check out the rental markets in Columbus and Indianapolis anyway, while you are in the region...

DL Martin

p.s. Google "highest airfare in US Cincinnati" and you will see what I mean...

Hi Folks,

For those all of you looking to invest near Cinci, network with folks from citi-bank. It is moving its operations to Dallas region and many employees may sell and move. Obviously it being good new area, Mason and around, you may not get a wholesale deal, but properties may be new and for someone who want to buy and hold, may be a good option. If property is new, I suppose less maintenance and good for out of state investors. Am looking there too and have made inroads into folks with some employees who share their network news :).



I have some real estate agents you might want to reach out to.

Billy Rumsey and Ken Maddin.  You can find them easily using Google.

I have great connections on the southwest side of the city. If you are looking in that area let me know.

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Back to this conversation after a long time. I am in Cincinnati now, and looking around. Let me know if any of you come across any deals. 



May I recommend my realtors, The Fightmaster Group, with Comey & Shepherd Realtors? I have known Bonnie, James, and Jenny for almost 30 years and have used them for the purchases of two of my personal residences. I am now using them in my business. They specialize in distressed properties, HUD repos, and others. Unfortunately, the forum won't let me post their contact information.