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So I am doing my first rehab with a partner. Each of us have rentals, but coming together means we have to align philosophies. Im interested in seeing how you handle these situations.

1. What type of locks do you prefer? I use SmartKey and he used the Defiant pack. It costs about $60 More to smart key a house, but its a little easier in the long run. 

2. What grade & sheen paint do you use for walls? I can get Sherwin Williams 200 for $25 a gallon for eggshell. You can get some of the Olympic from Lowes for less, but I feel like it new more touch up due to holding on to stains. 

3. Dishwashers - None of my properties have one, but this is a little nicer house. It has one, but it really needs replaced. Does anyone have creative ideas on how to avoid this maintenance problem... or do you think it gets you more rent with one? Its a higher end class B property. 3/2/2 in Texas that will rent for about $975. 

4. Garbage Disposal - None of my current properties have one, but they aren't expensive to install. Ive heard from the Section 8 guys they create more work/maintenance. However, I wonder if they prevent drain clogs. Any thoughts here? 

5. How are you approaching tub/shower remodels?  In my lower class B stuff, I just do the plastic surrounds. I did a tile one in another that was Mid-class B because it was a 1 bath and I wanted it to look really nice. I thought about trying to go with that cultured marble (fake) stuff that would only have seams in the corners. I thought eliminating grout could be a way to keep things cleaner. Note this is an older house that has a window in the shower. Im planning to glass block it because matching the siding will make elimination difficult. 

6. Anyone doing the tile that looks like wood through the WHOLE house. We were planning to do $2 a foot laminate wood (mid grade stuff) in the living and bedrooms with tile in the wet areas and entry. I know that might look best, but the wood look tile might last a LONG time and wont ever get water damaged. Its a foundation so unfortunately I can't do refinish the hardwoods (my preference).  

Can't comment on most, but Id say on 6, it would depend just how long you guys plan on holding the property. 5 Id do garbage disposal just cause I figure itll be cheaper to replace that than to replace the drain line (since it would prevent anything large from going down), but only if its a middle class rental.

Again, no expert, just my thoughts.

Grease and hair cause more clogs than anything else and a garbage disposal won't help with either of those.

We just sold a rehab property where we did the tile that looks like wood in all the common areas.  We got great reviews.

A decent dishwasher should last 5-10 years.  Spread the cost of it over theta time and you are talking about $5-10 a month.  If you were renting would you pay 10 bucks a month more for a dishwasher?  For a class B I think the answer is pretty obvious.

All my rentals have garbage disposals, we have had to replace a few along the way but just consider it a cost of doing business.  

Good luck with you rehab.  Post some pictures when you are done.

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