Why would landlords be afraid of creating additional streams of income?

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I joined a company that provides discounted pricing for TV (cable or satellite), Phone (voip), Internet, Gas, and Electrical service. In addition, when a customer applies for service through my website, I get a residual payment every time the customers pay on his/her bill. I have offered this same opportunity to landlords in my area and they all say "no". This is a legal and ethical business. Could there be some potential liability that I'm missing?

So 'your rates' for electric service are below the rates of the utility company? How do you achieve that? I would be interested for apartment buildings in my area if you had a rate below the PUC tariff rate.

I wouldn't do it personally b/c it is diverting my focus from what I need to be focused on, finding real estate deals and getting those financed.

@Carl Randal  While it might be totally legit, it just screams pyramid scheme to me, and maybe it does to others and thats why everyones saying no.

Hi Chris, NC Electricity has not deregulated yet (only Gas in your state). NC will probably wait until the end of 2015.


I am guessing it is a network marketing company? I would be interested in this in the future depending on the residuals. Where can we get more information?

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This post has been removed.

@Carl Randal  Yeah, I know what one is, and like I said, your business could be totally legit, but it still screams pyramid scheme, even if it isnt one.

Well @Carl Randal  for me, it comes down to the fact that I'm in the real estate business.  It appears that you are in the utilities business.  While it might seem like a good idea to get landlords involved in what seems to be related, it's a different business.  I wouldn't be interested in adding it to my real estate business either.

The reason is because they dont trust you, a don't want the additional hastle of worrying about it

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