Newbie to Multi-Family Property Management

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Hello everyone, I hope I'm going about this in the right forum. 

A little background: I'm a property manager, licensed VA real estate agent, and investor. Currently I manage about 100 residential homes to include, single family, condos, townhouses, and duplexes.

I have been approached by an investor to manage a 25 unit multi-family complex, if he decides to go with me it will be my first unit this large. Basically, I'm just reaching out to other landlords/property managers/investors for possible advice from your first multi-family experience. What do/did you look for in a property manager? Is it a huge difference in multi-family and single family? 

Any thoughts and words are appreciated.

The biggest difference in my opinion between large multi and single families are the close quarters the tenants live in. Since you have experience managing duplexes you have undoubtedly dealt with some of the problems you will experience in a large multi just on a different scale. In a duplex if you have a unruly tenant playing loud music disturbing the peace it affects one other tenant. In a 3 level 25 unit building for example that same one tenant could be disturbing the tenant on both sides, across the hall above and below etc. This is just a small example I could give several others but i hope this helps! If you liked my post do me a favor and vote :)

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