Land lords experienced with post dated checks as payment

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Hey guys, I was wondering if any land lords out there have had any experience with requiring or prefering tennants to post-date checks for the duration of a year or the lease.

I have thought about requiring this as I feel it makes it easier for the land lord as well as the tennant. My only concern is, since my property targets lower middle class, potential tennants may be turned off from this for fear of not having enough on their account in case of an emergency.

I was hoping to hear experience from seasoned land lords who have imposed this or has had experience with it.

most people dont like to post date checks. i require either mailed payment or online payment. they like it, i like it...

Think this will limit your candidate pool, people will rightly be skittish about missing out on a leverage point to get issues resolved or break the lease. We had a tenant give us a stack of checks. Worked great for awhile but they started bouncing. You might want to offer it as an option with a small discount in rent if it means that much to you. Would be nice to control the deposit of funds better, but may spend more time chasing NSF.

If they do not have sufficient funds in the checking account, then you would be requiring them to write bad checks since they would be dishonored as NSF - so don't do that.

Quite a distasteful idea in my opinion.  Personally when I write checks, I like the checks to be written in chronological order and for the check numbers to clear the bank in as close to numerical order as possible.  I would not write post dated checks and would ask for another means to pay.  If you required it, I would think you were being unreasonable.

Don't think that is common or even legal to require a tenant to post date checks for the entire year.

I don't think that will go over well with any candidate pool. My experience with the low end rentals, is most don't have a bank account, they use prepaid debit cards and mostly cash.

With the any rental, I believe if you stay on top of the tenants (not babysit) and your paperwork it will lessen the amount of money you may lose.

@John Ma  

This will limit your pool of candidates, and this takes control away from tenants, which they do not like. Offer online payments or to mail checks directly to you. 

Set up a reminders via as text msg, emails, and make courtesy calls when rent is due. You will look professional, and it is a good way to start a relationship between you and your tenants without any demands or conflicts. 

It is better to chase Rent + Late fees than, Rent + Late fees + NSF. 

The only time I dealt with that, I had inherited a tenant that would forget to send checks.  He had the money and after two late fees, suggested he mail postdated checks (as he did in the past) for the rest of the year, worked out fine and with 1,000 miles between us, was a huge relief on both of us.  He was a tenant for about 6 years and in that short time paid over 2 times what the property was originally purchased for....

Okay, that is pretty much what I expected to hear.  Its funny how the idea of automatic payments on the tennant side will turn them off, when they are SUPPOSED to be paying anyways. Really it makes it easier on them because they wont have to think about it, but it is what it is.


I Don't think it's reasonable to ask tenants to do this. As much as you think it would be helping and or benefiting you, it does nothing for the tenant but potentially put them in a bad spot. And as the rest have mentioned I think you will limit your pool of tenants.

After all how would you like it if your mortgage or utility Co. required you to do this as well? I do have direct debts automatically coming out monthly from my checking account to pay my mortgages but that is by choice. There is a big difference between by choice and being forced to do this...

Screen your tenants well is your best defense.

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