Breaker keeps tripping for the dryer?

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The title explains it all one of my tenants keeps complaining that the breaker is tripping for the dryer. After a little research online it looks like its either the connection may be 20 AMP for a 30 AMP dryer or the breaker itself is broke.

Anyone else had this dilemma before? I called an electrician today because I don't want this thing to overheat and burn the house down.

@Joseph Weisenbloom   Unless you know what you are doing, let the electrician check it out. It may be any of a number of things, some minor and some not. It may be one of the things you mentioned, it may be a bad plug or outlet, it may be a floating ground that is shorting. And if it is a wrong size breaker, would you know if the wire is adequate to handle 30A?

With a breaker that keeps tripping there is potential for dangerous situations. This is one of those times when you need to bite the bullet and pay a pro. And tell the tenant to not use it until fixed, breakers become less reliable each time they trip.

I also recommend calling in a pro on this one.

Electrical & Plumbing are the last things I think a landlord should try to do themselves.

Electrical for safety reasons & plumbing for PIA reasons.

agree with both replies above and be sure to ask your electrician to check if wiring is solid core or stranded - stranded has a habit of fusing at terminal points causing short circuits and breaker failures 

Thanks guys its sounds like there is no typical answer for this question. @Walt Payne    Im not sure if it can handle 30 Amp that is a good question I will ask. The electrician will be stopping by tomorrow morning so I will keep yall posted on what it was.

@Walt Payne  @James Wise  @Bob Cash  

Well as predicted the reason it was tripping was because it was a 20amp connection for a 30amp dryer. According to the elctrician this is the most common reason for this problem. No damage done should cost around $120 to have fixed which isnt too bad. Hopefully this will be a useful post for future people that have this problem.

Yes, electrical can be dangerous, but with a little knowledge you do not have to automatically “call a pro” as is often recommended. Most dryers are 30 amp. If the cable is size 10/3 and you have a 30 amp breaker in your main panel you are good. It is fairly easy to run cable and snap in a breaker.

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