Breaker keeps tripping for the dryer?

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The title explains it all one of my tenants keeps complaining that the breaker is tripping for the dryer. After a little research online it looks like its either the connection may be 20 AMP for a 30 AMP dryer or the breaker itself is broke.

Anyone else had this dilemma before? I called an electrician today because I don't want this thing to overheat and burn the house down.

@Joseph Weisenbloom   Unless you know what you are doing, let the electrician check it out. It may be any of a number of things, some minor and some not. It may be one of the things you mentioned, it may be a bad plug or outlet, it may be a floating ground that is shorting. And if it is a wrong size breaker, would you know if the wire is adequate to handle 30A?

With a breaker that keeps tripping there is potential for dangerous situations. This is one of those times when you need to bite the bullet and pay a pro. And tell the tenant to not use it until fixed, breakers become less reliable each time they trip.

agree with both replies above and be sure to ask your electrician to check if wiring is solid core or stranded - stranded has a habit of fusing at terminal points causing short circuits and breaker failures 

Thanks guys its sounds like there is no typical answer for this question. @Walt Payne    Im not sure if it can handle 30 Amp that is a good question I will ask. The electrician will be stopping by tomorrow morning so I will keep yall posted on what it was.

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Well as predicted the reason it was tripping was because it was a 20amp connection for a 30amp dryer. According to the elctrician this is the most common reason for this problem. No damage done should cost around $120 to have fixed which isnt too bad. Hopefully this will be a useful post for future people that have this problem.

Yes, electrical can be dangerous, but with a little knowledge you do not have to automatically “call a pro” as is often recommended. Most dryers are 30 amp. If the cable is size 10/3 and you have a 30 amp breaker in your main panel you are good. It is fairly easy to run cable and snap in a breaker.