Keeping Track of Maintenance Time and Parts for Turns

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I manage about 250 units in a college town, twice a year anywhere from 70 to 120 units turnover.  It doesn't matter how much time I spend preparing, charges get missed and parts are installed without approval or in the wrong unit only to be caught too late.  I've tried numerous forms and work orders to keep my maintenance staff on track and detailed in how long the tasks take, what parts they used, where the parts came from (ie stock or supplier), etc; but I always end up with missing information.  On top of that, I then have to merge the maintenance sheets (sometimes two or three different sheets with labor and materials), with my checkout sheet and it turns into a literal nightmare.  The last turnover involved 97 units and was 6 days long; it took me the full 21 days allowed to get the deposit returns processed and mailed to tenants (working on them 12-16 hours a day!); and another two weeks to charge any items to property owners.  A month prior to turnover I walk all the units and get supplies ordered, schedule contractors, and alert maintenance of any unforeseen issues; so I'm not sure if I could do much more prep work; the organization and execution during the 6 day window is the real issue.  Any help on how I can make the entire turnover process easier and condense the amount of paperwork would be SUPER HELPFUL!  I don't know if I can survive another one!!

A decent PM app should have the ability to keep repair logs for turnover, including PO's, assignments, etc.

The project management challenge is getting everyone involved to commit to the same app and processes. A good way to do this may be to say: no process, no payment.

I can't comment from the PM perspective but I am wondering if you yourself are managing too much of the data you need entered.  Could you shift this to the doer of the work? At least for your maintenance guys? You enter the job , they enter the completion?   Do you give them paper and enter the sheets yourself?  Also for stock supplies  for a different job we used to use stickers and bar codes but I am not sure how hard that is to set up. Basically you didnt get out of the supply room without entering an address or putting the sticker on the address page. In the end your database should list out a sheet for the address once all the work is done that can be attached to the move out sheet.  College students are probably a tough turnover I have not nearly the experience you do with this group and I know it would be a challenge.

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