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Does anyone use either of these?  123Landlord is big in Canada it seems but don't see much about it down here for some reason.  Rentpost is new and cheap but lacking in some features as they are in growth mode.  I am getting set up with WilliamPaid for tenants that don't want to mail checks or deposit at the branch and have a local service that does tenant screening for me.  I simply want a web based system to store docs, have a tenant portal, handle service requests and perform accounting.  I just fired Buildium due to their price increase to small timers like me.


@Chris Simmons  

I do not know if I would say 123Landlord is "big in Canada", but it is one of the only property management systems that gets the Canadian fiscal aspects right.

There was a new system from a company out of Chicago posted in the Marketplace forum a few months ago ... I briefly looked at their site, but concluded they were too US-centric to be fully useful to us.

I looked at 123Landlord's pricing model and was put off by the fact it is based on both # of tenants and # of properties (which actually means units in their model). @Chris Simmons  aren't you currently right at about 10-12 properties? So you get by a while on the $13 plan, but then you've got to make the jump up to $30 a month for 50 properties, which is basically what you'd be paying at Buildium. 

Chris, Roy, Ryan,

The prices at Buildium are reasonable. 

May be worth trying and using QuickBooks - you can get all the details right in one place. It will work with desktop USA, Canada, Australia and UK versions. If you do need a portal for the tenant, then use a 3rd party software for $16.00/month .

Let me know if you have any questions I can answer. 

I went ahead and switched to RentPost.  As Ryan mentioned, I am not really saving much but I like the interface much better.  There are some features missing that Buildium has but they claim to have an update coming out later this year that will address most of them.  The thing that got me to sign up for the $30/month plan is the Property Management portal.  Now I can track properties as well as general business expenses.  I got a promotional code #BuildiumRP02 that is good for 2 free months for every 1 year you pay in advance.  I know it is a bit of a risk, but I am signing up for 3 year to lock in my costs for a while.  By the time I need to pay to renew, I should have grown significantly and be less price conscious.   

any other feedback ? 

So far I am using Rent Post with great luck.  I have a couple older tenants that still mail me checks the old fashioned way, but others pay online and it is great.  The tenant and owner portals have come in very handy, both for initiating repairs and storing docs.  I am also managing rentals for others and looking to grow now that I have my realtor license.  Fortunately, I have options to have several different owners so that the books can be kept separate etc.  I am very pleased with my choice.

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