Looking up evictions in New York state

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I just shared this with a colleague and I thought it might be worth sharing with fellow landlords and property managers in NY state.  

A quick and free way to check on whether a prospective tenant has been sued in landlord/tenant court (for non-payment or holdovers) is to go to here:


Click on Webcivil local and then enter the captcha.  From there click on Party Search and then enter the last name you're searching on.  There's other criteria you can specify if you'd like. 

If you find a case, click on the Index # for the details.  If you click on the Appearance date it will tell you the outcome.

I use this to look up cases in Rochester City Court but it looks like all jurisdictions can be searched.

Great resource Mark!  I have been looking for something like this for a while!

Thanks for the link Mark

Thanks Mark! This will be helpful for screening tenants. 

Nice resource thanks..

I just checked on a contractor that wanted work...23 appearances !!!!

@Mark W.  Once again, Mark!  Thanks again.  This is a great find and nice that you shared with the broader BP community.  Amazing what I learned on my current tenants, and will use this for both screening tenants and contractors.

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