Leaking Roof and Ceiling New York state

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Hi All -

I have a 1 bedroom house and the roof/ceiling is leaking into the bedroom (over the bed).  It has been raining for ~12 hours and no signs of letting up.  I responded to the tenant's text notifying me this morning within 1 hour and I have a contractor coming out this afternoon to assess the problem. As a landlord, what am I obligated to do for the tenant?  Since this is a 1 bedroom and the leak is over the bed, what do I need to do for a place for them to sleep? Am I allowed to tell them to use the living room?  The lease says they are responsible for any damage to their personal property due to leaks/water.    This property is in NY state.

I have told renters if they see water leaking from the ceiling , take a broom handle , or a screwdriver and pop a small hole where the water is coming out .  At first they think I am nuts , but now the water comes out , if you dont the water can build up and cause alot of the ceiling to come down at once .  

All my houses are single stories , 4/12 to 5/12 pitch roofs , I have 3 brand new heavy duty tarps in bags just for this problem .  Yes I have gotten up on one of my  roofs before in the pouring rain and nailed a tarp to stop a big leak .  Not fun but its got to be done .

I personally would pay for a night at a hotel and fix it asap

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