Tenant Changeover Checklist

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Does anyone have a Tenant Changeover Checklist they can share? I'm thinking of everything that needs to be done to the interior of the property once a tenant moves out and before the next person moves in. 

Replace batteries in smoke alarms

Change locks

Inspect sink drains


This is more of a cleaning list, but has a few items that may be helpful to think about:

All: Clean window wells with bleach

All: Clean baseboards, window sills, and closet shelves with degreaser

All: Clean doors (inside and out, as needed) with degreaser

Drains: snake out between tenants

Bathroom: Clean bathtub/shower stall with bleach cleaner

Bathroom: Clean toilet (all surfaces) with bleach

Bathroom: Clean toilet bowl with Ajax

Laundry/Bathroom/Kitchen: Clean baseboards and where floor meets wall with bleach

Laundry/ Bathroom/Kitchen: Sweep floor

Laundry/ Bathroom/Kitchen: Mop floor

Water heater: check temperature

Bathroom/Kitchen: Clean counters with bleach cleaner

Bathroom: Clean mirrors with Windex

Bathroom/Kitchen: wipe drawers and medicine cabinet shelves with bleach

Kitchen: Wash cabinet doors with degreaser

All: Wash walls as needed with bleach or degreaser

Kitchen: Wipe/scrub fridge inside and out with bleach

Kitchen: Wipe/scrub stove inside and out with bleach

Kitchen: If garbage disposal, add vegetable oil to keep it greased

Kitchen: Wipe/scrub dishwasher inside and out with bleach

Landry: Wash shelves with degreaser or bleach

All carpet: vacuum

All carpet: steam clean carpet

Outside: Clean doors if needed

Outside: Clean walls near entrance and steps, if needed

Outside: Prune shrubs

All: clean all vents and cadet vents

Remove all garbage
Clean everything
Fix everything

The end

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