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SmartMove has been out there a couple years.  There's plenty of posts on if/how to use it, but I couldn't find much feedback from users about the quality of the tenants SmartMove has recommended.  I am considering it because the process appears to be pretty clean and covers many of the critical areas I want to screen for.  What do SmartMove users think of the quality of tenants it recommended?  For experienced landlords, how has the tenant quality compared to previous methods you've used?  

I've used it and have been pleased with the results, however my experience is very limited (I've only had 2 vacancies). I'll continue using the service in the future . . . at least until I find a reason to try something else.

@Todd Runstein  Thanks for the reply.  I'm going to give it a go on my next vacancy and see how it works out.

hey @Mike M.  how did the service work for u?

We use SmartMove but I don't understand what you mean by tenants they recommend?  We use it simply to check applicant credit and criminal history reports.  I know SmartMove then issues a "recommendation" but we pay no attention to that, we screen the reports ourselves and make our decisions based on that plus all the other research we've done. 

From what I've seen, they have recommended to "accept" only a few people that we have not accepted, and that decision was not based solely on the SmartMove information but on that information in conjunction with other research (like bankruptcy searches, eviction searches, etc).

does smartmove get credit, criminal and eviction?

The one time I used it, I had already checked employment and landlord history, and then you select what criteria you are looking for and Smartmove just lets you know if they meet that criteria or not.  As far as those tenants, working well so far, but we're not far into their lease.   I would use Smartmove again, but not sure what you mean by their recommendation as I submit the email for the tenant I want screened, not an arbitrary choice they send me.  

@Ralph Pena, no, as far as I know SmartMove does credit and criminal only. 

Hi @Ralph Pena  

I’m a representative with TransUnion SmartMove. Currently, SmartMove offers a Credit Report and Customized Leasing Recommendation and a National Criminal Search. We are excited to announce that we will offer National Eviction Reports starting this November.

If you have further questions for us please e-mail [email protected]. Thanks!

Eviction reports is the big thing I see them lacking which it sounds like they are going to fix.  I have been happy with the criminal and credit reports I have gotten.

@Ralph Pena  It worked fine for me.  Tenants were well qualified, the credit and criminal just helped confirm it.  Unfortunately they left after one month die to significant change in plans, so I won't know how'd they hold up long term.

I hope SmartMove adds the eviction for free.  $30 feels pretty hefty for what you get in credit and criminal.

Originally posted by @Mike M.:

I hope SmartMove adds the eviction for free.  $30 feels pretty hefty for what you get in credit and criminal.

 Be sure to use the BiggerPockets Perks discount code.  You get $5 off as a regular member and $10 off if you are a Pro member.  Find it under the Resources menu at the top of the page.


Not sure if they price will change once they add in evictions, but through my buildium software, the tenant only has to pay $12 for Smartmove.

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