WWBPD: Gas Dryer or Electric Dryer in a rental

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I'm completely redoing the utility room in a rental I just bought. It currently has a gas line for the dryer and since all the walls were open, now would be the time to run the electric if thats the route I decide to go. From what I've read, it seems a gas dryer is more expensive to buy but less to operate but my main concern is it seems gas would be a bigger fire hazard and another chance of a gas leak. Electric all they have to do is plug it in. 

Which would you choose for a "C" rental property if you had the choice and why. 

If nothing is there, and their is room in the breakers, we go electric.. If there is gas there, and room in the breakers, we would add electric.. No point taking the gas line out.

We rent washer/driers for $25 a month, and we buy electric.

Electric, it's most common. C tenants won't care about the relatively small cost savings of gas in most cases.

Gas is more common hete. I make my guys put bo5h. It's just one 40 amp circuit and wir3. Takes 30 mins if the ceilings are open.  I do both.  Use the chance to do both! 

Thanks all. I guess it wouldn't hurt to just have the electrical run anyway like you guys said. Better to have options for them than not after it's all closed in. 

I still slightly worried about the gas dryer being a fire hazard. Anyone have any insight on this? My assumption is they probably get hotter and having an open flame would make it riskier.


I would put both in because now you are "special" because your tenants have options. Gas Dryers out here are VERY normal. I have never heard of an issue.

I have electric dryers in my units as I feel better about it being less of a hazard.  Also question, do most RE investors supply the washer and dryer or do you leave it up to the tenants to provide their own?  I have been providing them in my properties, is this the norm?

Gas & electric are both common here - the only reason they catch on fire is because idiots let the lint accumulate & block the air flow, not because of the fuel source.

If you go with electric, be sure you have a dedicated circuit run for it - that's another source for horror stories. Definitely do it if the wall's already open.

It's easier for tenants to stick a plug in the wall than hook up a gas line - I would NEVER allow them to do that themselves, anyway. But if you have the option for both, go for it, especially if you might be providing the dryer as part of the rental, either now or in the future. That way you can choose the best deal. I don't think the operating cost is of too much interest to tenants - it's not substantial. 

Electric, I don't worry as much about fire as I do a gas leak ,,as stated by @Kathleen Leary   I don't want tenants hooking up a gas line,,the thought of that makes me feel sick (I can just hear it now, 'well I put it on as good as I could with my hands",,,,,scary

So to those of you concerned about tenants hooking up a gas dryer, do you also get concerned about the tenant hooking up the dryer's exhaust properly? (I do.) Do you also get concerned about the tenant hooking up the washer supply hoses? (I do.) Do you also get concerned about the tenant hooking up the washer discharge hose? (I do.)

Now most renters that own their machines will have an electric dryer since that is more common, and they may have lived in a place where there was no gas service; in fact gas dryers usually have to be ordered if bought new. And if you check the second hand dryer dealers, there might not be too many that have gas dryers. So electric makes more sense from the equipment supply and demand perspective. 

My rentals with gas supply have electric dryers; my own home has a gas dryer. 

Here gas dryers are common, and we also commonly have gas ovens, water heaters, and furnaces, so another gas appliance isn't thought of as being risky at all.

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