Bagworms and Lizards

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Down here in South Florida we don't seem to be bothered too much by them.

But I have a northerner who's a new tenant and she gets freaked out by them.

She considers outside lizards a "pest".  This is South Florida!  Lizards are everywhere!  They eat bugs.  Is there some lists somewhere that categorizes what are "pest" and what's normal living creatures?

Also bagworms.  Anyone knows about them?  I have seen them but never paid attention to it until a call to cure the "bagworm infestation" outside the house on the exterior concrete block wall.

I didn't even know a moth like thing live in these.

Might as well fix the mosquito problem outside while you're at it.

Good luck with this tenant. Sounds like you'll need it.

Born and raised in FL, and like you said those are just "environmental norms" in the area. 

Here's the EPA definition, it doesn't give a list but from that definition you can infer that lizards are not pests.While they are not living where SHE wants them they cause no damage or disease and generally stay outside so are not a nuisance.

As for the bagworms again not really a pest, though they could be considered one due to eating foliage of your landscaping. Though here's a fun tidbit. They're worse in the city due to fewer predators. So your lizard "pests"are good to keep around to help eat them. So which is worse the lizard or the bagworm...;)

I and my tenants like lizards for the above pest eating feature and all around neat to be around quality.  Bagworms are a different story.  I hate them and burn them out of trees when I find them because they can do major damage to the trees.  I have never seen them around houses though.  As Tim said, good luck on this tenant.  Sounds like not a good fit for you or the area.

I had bagworms on an evergreen and almost lost it. I used this to kill them The tree is making it's way back, but it's taking a while. Get rid of the bugs, its easy and since they are destructive, to me it's a no brainer. 

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