Printer/Scanner - Suggestions?

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This is going to sound like a ridiculous request but nonetheless I am asking for your help.

I have had it with my printer/scanner it is terrible and the one before that was terrible and so on. I am looking for something I can use that actually works while I am focusing on getting my investing career off the ground. One of the main things that I am looking for in a scanner/copier is something that can effectively scan multi-page documents like leases/P&S agreements, etc. Currently, the one I have is slow and it can't handle anything over 3 pages..

Any recommendations out ther?


If you want something of quality, spend the money.  Get a quality machine.

I use a scanning app on my smartphone called CamScanner.  Brandon Turner also mentioned one in his list of apps for landlords.

I use a Fuijitsu  ScanSnap S1500.  It does about 1 pg/sec scanning both sides.  Fast, quiet but not cheap.  I think I paid about $400 for mine.  To date I scanned leases, refi escrow packages, tax returns, receipts etc.  I scan to pdf and only occasionally OCR the pdf to make it searchable.  I'm aiming for reduced paper storage.

I use this app that is straight on my iPhone.
It digitizes any paper documents and saves me so much time. Get it here:

I have one of the low end Brother multi function printers for my home office. I think it cost me a little over $200 about a year ago. I've been happy with it. It can print double sided, copy, scan, and probably also fax. The wireless connection is nice too. All the basics - none of the frills. I generally find that these machines will hold up pretty well if cared for and kept away from dust. But after about 5 years you're going to want a new one, once it starts jamming up frequently. The toner cartridges are the real killer money wise, so I try to print at the office whenever possible, especially big jobs.

I used to mess with the scanning apps on my phone before getting this machine but they were way too cumbersome for multi page documents and the quality often was poor. A real scanner is the way to go.

Why not to try for Brother, HP, Canon. They are really nice printer. Even you can get 3 in 1. Like- Copier, Scanner and Printer at the same time.

If you can't get one that's a laser printer, get standalone's. I refuse to use ridiculously wasteful and expensive inkjets anymore.  I have an inexpensive and utterly dependable HP mono laser at least a decade old, and a Brother flatbed/sheetfed all-in-one that I only use as a scanner, I inherited it from my mom after my longtime scanner was not supported by Win10. On the rare occasion I use the sheetfeeder, it seems to work fine.

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