Allow tenant to suspend gas service in summer?

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I haven't posted a question in quite some time so here goes.

Situation: SFH located in AZ. Water heater, stove, clothes dryer are electric. Only thing using gas is the furnace for heat in the winter months. Furnace is unplugged when evaporative cooler is connected.

Question:  Tenant wants to stop paying the notional monthly gas bill (about $15-20) in the summer months by telling the gas company to discontinue service.  He'd rather just pay the reconnection fee (about $60-70) every November when he needs heat.  If you were the landlord, would you let him do it?  What's the down side of his plan?



I would ask around and see if anybody else is doing it.  I doubt that this is the first time somebody thought of this idea.  It seems like it could be a lot of hassle on your end if there is a hiccup in the reconnection process.

I would not allow this nonsense. What is he looking at net/net savings? a couple of bucks?

IF there weew no reconnection fee I'd say maybe there is minimul valuse in doing this but thatw connection fee is going to kill all or most of your savings right there...



I wouldn't allow it. You never know when crazy weather will hit and the couple dollars they're attempting to save (may even cost them more) isn't worth risking the unknown.

If he moves out in October who would have to pay the reconnection fee? Is electricity so cheap that it wouldn't pay to convert to gas water heating and dryer?  I would think that is where the year round savings would be.

I would not allow this. To many moving parts and the only down side is on the landlord. For exampl, He doesn't reconnect it. He goes to a lawyer and tell them you aren't providing all utilities, etc  having to pay all the utilities even when minimal is part of the "process" of renting a house.

I agree@Chris Masons . By the time the reconnection fee is paid then any money he may have saved would be gone, maybe only gaining a few dollars. IMO, I wouldn't even bother.

Thanks for the feedback so far.  I should add the gas bill is in his name.  If I put the gas in my name between tenants, the charge is the same as the connection fee.  With evaporative coolers, the furnace is disconnected until winter when the system is switched from cooling to heating.  In this area, we switch to heating in November and back to cooling in March.

Yes, electricity is cheap in AZ.  About 12 cents a KW/H.  

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