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Hello Landlords and Investors,

Would any of you know of any attorneys that deal with the Metro Detroit Area that can see an eviction through to the point where I get the judgement in court for the tenant to move out?  

I have already served the tenant with a 7 day notice.  


check with your local court. In our county they sell an eviction pack for $20 (another county we have rentals in sells it for $45).  Use their forms and instructions and it's not difficult to do yourself.  Usually it's a default judgment when the tenant doesn't respond signed off by a commissioner.

Hey Curtis,

Thanks for the reply, I am past all that, I am sorry, I forgot to mention that I live out of state and that is why I need an attorney to carry out the eviction, otherwise I would GLADLY be there to get my judgement.  You know it kills me that when I used to go, some tenants would not pay their rent and would have the nerve to actually show up to the court.  All I can say is WOW!!!

Raymond DeBates...

Call me (Mike Petty 313-220-5406) ...I can share with you some options for tenant evictions or methods to have the tenants leave the property with out going to court.

I am  license realtor, investor and have manage property in Detroit since 1985

Did you try cash for keys?


I have a excellent real estate attorney that can assist you in evicting your tenant. His name is Harry K. 313-962-7777.

@ Mike, Peter and Otis, 

Thank you for the information, I actually found one thanks to @ Cierra, however one thing I have learned in this business, it is always good to have alternatives, i.e. trying to find some decent workers for properties.  

I do have a question for those out there that have done evictions, how many of you have had to go all the way and contact the bailiff?  

I believe the cost can get pretty steep. I am aware of cash for keys and I will try that one if my tenants try and wait me out.  Wish me luck me and my pockets need it!

We paid $500 flat rate to the attorney for 50th district court in Pontiac to cover both filing fees and one appearance.  Both of them that we had to do were resolved after the court hearing and writ but before the actual set-out so I am not sure what gets charged by the baliff/sheriffs office for that.

A little late to the party, but I hear Trowbridge Law does evictions for $75 each.

Contact Attorney James Abbott at (313) 967-1000. Landlord tenant cases is all he does and he is very reasonable.

Are you looking to sell once the tenant is out or re-lease?

@Jabari  Believe it or not, this is why I started this post, I had been using that attorney and because of his professionalism, well lack thereof, I had to switch.  I even wrote a yelp review or either it was a yellowpages review on the guy.  VERY VERY unprofessional!!!!  however I will say they do quality work, but if I pay my money I want to be treated correctly.  I get enough slack and flack from my tenants.

Thank you for the referral, 

For anyone looking for an attorney that is reasonable on price and so far so good with efficency you can try Gary Segatti  (248) 423-9700

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