Should I take this guy?

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I've been trying to get a roommate to move into my house for over a month with no luck.   A guy called me today and wants to pay up front for four months plus the security deposit.   He said I could let the check clear before he moves in.  His company has a work job here but he lives in the next state over.   He says he is a roofing contract manager.   I asked him if he had any bk, forclosures, or judgments.  He said he had a bk two years ago from a bad divorce.   

He has not paid for the credit or criminal reports yet, but he said no criminal record.  Would you say no because of a bk  two years ago?    I'm sure a lot of bad people have bks.  Most likely not a high quality tenant.  I don't know anything about bk, just know it's bad. However, the money would not be an issue with all the payment up front.  What do you think?  Thanks. 

They volunteered to  pay four months  rent upfront? That sounds like a scam to me.

I'm not big on collecting more than first, last and security. Was the offer of 4 months theirs or your idea? There is a good chance that they just came into money and might not be able to manage paying the 5th month. 

My suggestions is to have them pay first and last as well as hold a large security deposit. The key is that you want them to know that you have their money and the only way they can get it back is by paying the monthly rent and sticking to the lease or rental agreement.


I should have clarified he is only staying four months.   Therefore, I would state the 12/31 end date in the lease.   It was his idea to pay it all up front. Plus the security deposit.  I think it was when I asked for pay stubs that he offered to pay in advance.    I also should have mentioned him and one other guy would stay here.   He would be here 3 nights a week and the other guy 7.  However, they work 12 hours a day., which is good 

He says he's the manager and he has plenty of money.   He lives 2.5 hours away and can't drive back and forth to the job site every day.  They don't work in January because it's too cold.  He inquired about extended stay places like hotels but they charge a lot more than me.   Would you think a bk means he is a bad and/or irresponsible person?

I have had a lot of tenants with a BK and its fine. Honestly what worries me is the fact that there will be two guys. Are they paying twice as much? Honestly if you are having trouble finding tenants are you charging too much for roommates?

I have been in your situation, since you are living with these people it is BEYOND important that you screen them well. Honestly if you are asking here about them, than you gut is trying to tell you something. I would listen to it and keep looking. Trying to evict someone out of your house is not a good situation.

thanks for the replies.  He's also the owner so I think that's why he doesn't have paychecks.   I was asking 675 for one person in my ad.   They would be paying 1025 for both.   I would do a full credit and criminal and eviction report.  I'm glad you brought up the hard to evict thing.   I think with 2 people there is twice as much chance that one or both won't leave at the end.  However, since they are coworker managers  I'm pretty sure they get along and would stick together.     They want me to meet them tomorrow, but it wanted to ask here first decided if I should meet or not.   

My 675 price is a good deal.  I've got about 10 calls and 3 people came here.   I rejected two of the three that came her the other guy never called back.  However,  most of the calls  I disqualify on the phone due to various reasons.   I'm getting a lot of retired guys calling and I don't want someone who's home all the time.   Several unemployed guys called too. I've got about 50 emails.  This is such a pain!

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