Tenant Temp Stay Request for Mother-In-Law (Guest)

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I have a 4 BR / 2 BTH home rented in Dallas,Texas for last 2months. My Tenant’s mother-in-law is selling her home and requesting her to TEMP stay (For a month or two) at my rented home’s guest room. Currently, There is husband, wife, 2 kids and 2 pets. What, I would like to know:

  • What should be my actions for this request?
  • How does this Temp stay works, because this might be extended, and we don't want that to be permanent.
  • Any other help/tip you guys can give will be great.



Look at your lease what does it say? If it doesn't speak to the issue and push comes to shove then you might not have any rights.

My approach, assuming the lease language is silent would be to require them submit an application and get his mother approved. Make sure mom isn't a criminal. Not likely but sometimes people rent places for family that you would no way ever let into your property.

Minimum I would collect your application fee. That whole thing is pretty reasonable so the tenant will likely comply unless there is something about Mom that he doesn't want you to know.

I charge (per my lease) a processing fee of $250 to add people to a lease and also bump rent $25 per month. Since she is only temporary, you might get them to pay extra rent for a month or two while she is there.

Tell them that it's policy that anyone living in a unit more than 2 weeks must be screened. They will likely comply. If they don't, you really have a battle ahead.

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