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Hello All,

As it stands next week I am closing on my 3rd property (woot woot) however in this particular place it currently has oil heat and there is no A/C. Now I plan to section 8 this place and I feel that dealing with oil would be a royal pain. So I am stuck between replacing the oil boiler with a gas boiler or simply putting electric baseboard heating in places where it needs to be. What's your opinion on the matter? Thanks!

If natural gas is available , I would go for that , if it is propane , thats no better than oil for cost . Nice thing about electric baseboard is very rarely do al the units break at once so " no heat " calls are rare.

Thanks for the reply, natural gas is available as the water heater is right by the boiler. The idea of gas is better but the cost to change it from oil to gas is 6k or so. If I put in electric baseboard it's much cheaper like 1k. 

I'd go with electric baseboard. Not the most economical heat source but then you aren't the one paying for the heat. Very common in rental environments.

Thanks for the reply, I think that's the route I will go makes more sense from a landlord perspective and less maintenance (always a plus)

If the tenant is paying for their own heat, you can bet they'll want gas instead of electric. How large is this property?

Hi @Tariq B. this is an old post, just wanted to see how the electric heat worked out for you? Do you have a higher turnover because of it?

@Kash Chau sheesh way to take me back to the past! Man a lot has happened since then lol. But to answer your question There is electric heat and then there is baseboard heat. Both run on electric but one is much more expensive, so I hear. I have never messed with baseboard heat personally but hear it can be expensive. I have a few properties with electric heat pump, it was only an issue one time because the termo was jacked up along with the smart meter being broken, case in point it ended in extremely high bills. I do not have a high turnover due to heat being electric or gas. 

@Tariq B. , I just had a house fail section 8's inspection because I had baseboard heaters installed, and these can become pretty hot on the surface, creating liability. What was your resolution for this? I did find a hardwired heater made by Cadet, but they are very expensive. Looking for a more affordable option, since every room requires heat. Any suggestions? House is total electric.

@Austin Works Wow, thanks for digging this up. It's always interesting to look back on these old posts and see how far I have come! But to answer your question and I'm not sure it is going to be any help to you, I ended up ripping out the oil boiler and putting in a gas boiler on this property. I have however on other properties since then put in baseboard heating and it did not fail. No where have I read that baseboard heating is not allowed. If in doubt bring it up to the inspectors sup. 

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