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As a landlord what service would you use or who do you use for property maintenance,whether single family home/multi-unit property(lawn service,snow removal, handyman,etc.) Any suggestions in Chicago?

When i  had my 1st house in Victorville CA i used a property management company.  It really worked out Great.   They handled all of work and i could just focus on getting more deals and making more money.   

Find a trusted handyman service at your local REIA group or by word of mouth in your area.

Hi Tanisha, Initially, I used a handyman I found in Craig's list and paid him $15.00 per hour. Angie's list and, as Gerald suggested, your local REIA may be helpful in finding someone too.

My needs have grown so I worked out a deal with a general contracting company that typically works with non-investors.  I am teaching the owner how to turnover units and, if appropriate, pass rental related inspections, so that he can carve out an investor side to his business.  In turn, my tenants have priority and price is flexible.  

Hope that helps.  Good luck.  Teresa

I have a PM Company in place on one unit. I have a total gut rehab job im using to map out and create a team of workers to handle my other places.

I have different lawn services to handle different places but will use the team eventually to handle that also.

I'm trying to keep them captive oooppss  I mean  busy... and still am looking for more GOOD workers at low prices knowing that the work flow will be constant.

Hi Tanisha, word of mouth...

most of the people I used i got them from my friends in trades.

Unconventional approach: go to the local church (close to your property/properties) and if you "feeling" is right, ask about good reliable locals or people they use. in the worst case you lost half a Saturday or Sunday.

I got a welder and garage installer like that (talking to neighbors)

Good Luck!

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